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Translation Portal I think it may be of some use to have a central page devoted to translation (aimed to translators) - the present page is for i18n by users. the translation portal is a central hub for translators as starting point jdd? Unfortunately, an anonymous contributor have deleted on march,16 the link to the localization page, so it have disappeared in space. It was intended to be the resource you are searching for. I think these two pages shall be merged somewhat. The same contributor also have made an energic cleaning of the Internationalization page and the pertinence of all that erasing shall be carefully checked.PRZ?

feel free to restore it!

The creation of a "localization" group is a very good idea (I'm too new here to take such decision :-), but I think keeping at least one page aimed to translators in the PmWiki group is a good idea, must simpler to find, I guess. the other translator pages should be moved to the new group. jdd?

Multilingual pmWiki-based website, is it possible? Would it be possible to set pmwiki in a way that allows to maintain a multilingual website? I realize when you discuss i10n and l18n you refer to the wiki system itself, but on the content level it may be more than desirable, especially if the user may select his/her desired language for the content. VirtualFlavius?

Might be possible and actually sort of a common feature. (A heavy-weight CMS I know offers several language instances of the same page "seamlessly" - which is different from the Wikipedia, where you have to actively change the Wikipedia instance.) Have you had a look at the PITS yet to see if someone already made a feature request for this? --Henning? June 25, 2007, at 09:55 AM
I've had some success using (and extending) the SubgroupMarkup? recipe for multilingual websites. This allows me to create different language instances of a page by appending a language code as a subgroup. For example, "Main/Homepage,EN" would refer to the English version of "Main/Homepage", "Main/Homepage,FR" would contain the French version, and so on. --gh? December 3, 2007

This is a talk page for improving PmWiki.Internationalizations.

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