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This is a brief summary of the various "special" pages that occur in PmWiki, along with pointers to other pages with more information as appropriate.

I'm just creating the list for now -- feel free to add information and links! Pm?
See also SitePages (combine?) -- included below

These pages are special because

  • PmWiki itself creates or updates them (eg RecentChanges, AllRecentChanges)
  • PmWiki includes them in the default template (eg SideBar)
  • PmWiki includes them in other pages (eg GroupHeader, GroupFooter)
  • PmWiki uses them to generate other pages (eg XLPage)
  • PmWiki uses them in validation or processing (eg GroupAttributes,

Core pages

Recent Changes, Site.AllRecentChanges

Documented in

  • Wiki Group - Organising pages into related groups

GroupHeader, GroupFooter

Documented in

Site.Side Bar, SideBar

Documented in

  • Wiki Elements - An introduction to PmWiki page elements and features

Site.Page Actions

Documented in

Site.Edit Form

Site.Page Not Found



Documented in


Documented in

  • WikiGroup - Organising pages into related groups
  • Passwords - General use of passwords and login
  • Security - Resources for securing your PmWiki installation

Site.Page List Templates, Site.Local Templates?

Documented in

Site.Auth User

Documented in

  • Auth User - Authorization system that uses usernames and passwords

XLPage, XLPageLocal

Documented in

Group.HomePage Group.Group

Group's default page

  • Wiki Group - Organising pages into related groups


The wikilib.d directory contains the default version of all of the pages required for an operating installation of a PmWiki site. When you later upgrade from one version of the software to the next, that directory, and all of the files in it, will be replaced with a new set. So it is not recommended that you edit or alter any of the files in that directory yourself. HOWEVER, when you edit an existing page from within the wiki (by clicking "edit" while viewing the page, making changes in the edit box, and saving) the software will create a new version of that page, and store it in the directory wiki.d. Whenever there is a page in wiki.d with the same name as one in wikilib.d, the wiki will always serve up the one in wiki.d. This is how you customize your own site, without having to be concerned about preserving or over-writing the default bundle in wikilib.d.

Recipe based

SiteAdmin.Approved Urls?

Documented in

SiteAdmin.Auth List

SiteAdmin.Auth User


Site.Notify List?

Documented in

  • Notify - Allows a site administrator to configure PmWiki to send email messages whenever pages are changed on the wiki site

New page templates

Documented in

All groups Header and Footer

Documented in

this is a first suggestion; maybe the previous page, about headers and footers can be included in here, or maybe we can make pages to describe in detail every one of the special site pages -Radu?

Starting sometime close to the end of PmWiki v2 beta, a new mechanism was added under the push of skin designers, that allows for easier maintenance of common site content: Site pages.

At the same time, lots of administrative pages from the Main group were moved to the group Site. Now, in order to change how these various page elements look, an admin can simply use the wiki editor rather than going down into a config file with a text editor.

Note: The Site group is password protected by default. In order to change pages in the Site group you will need to set the password. Refer to Initial Setup Tasks for more details.

Currently, the following pages are part of Site, and various skins can (and already do) define more:

Side Bar
the main navigation mechanism of pmwiki
Edit Form
the form used to edit, uses specific markup developed specifically for this page
Inter Map?
list external Internet sites shortcuts. See InterMap documentation.
Page Actions
contains the 'action' links (like Browse, Edit, History, Uploads, etc.), to be placed at the top of the page. See Site Page Actions for more information.
Page Not Found
the text shown when a page is not found (usually when a new page is to be created)
the text shown when someone makes a search using the built-in PmWiki search facilities, i.e. (:searchbox:)
Edit Quick Reference
contains the 'help' text that appears at the bottom of the edit window (before the preview area)
Upload Quick Reference
contains the 'help' text that appears when uploading a file with Attach:file.ext at the bottom of the upload window

Note: some older skins will not support these, and still use the older Main.<SitePageName>, from either wikilib.d or wiki.d.

This page may have a more recent version on pmwiki.org: PmWiki:SpecialPages, and a talk page: PmWiki:SpecialPages-Talk.

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