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A glitch

I couldn't get local configs to work on my private farm with pmwiki-2.1.27. This was my fix:

1. the index.php in my farmed directory consisted of

$LocalDir = dirname(__FILE__).'/local';
include('../telecom-b/pmwiki.php'); ?>

2. change line 49 of pmwiki.php from

$LocalDir = 'local';




'This is not recommended. You have to redo the edit every time you upgrade. It is possible to get local config files to work with farms by following the instructions for creating farms.' Sandy? January 17, 2008, at 09:12 PMSandy
Although it may not be recommended, I tried at least 3 hours to fix it without making the hack, including fresh installs. It is definitely a problem with pmwiki-2.1.27, I know that I did everything else right, so when I upgrade it should work. Jonathan Sprinkle?
This may be symptomatic of a problem in the include_path for your php server module. In my case, the include_path was /opt/php/lib/php, which after I modified to .:/opt/php/lib/php successfully fixed my wikifarms issues. To do this, I added the text
 # in ~/public_html/.htaccess
 php_value include_path .:$include_path
To the bottom of the ~/public_html/.htaccess file. Thanks to Pm for pointing out the fix, and Steven Leite who helped in painful debugging to rule out recipes, etc... Jonathan Sprinkle?

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