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The idea is explained in Vannevar Bush's 1945 article As We May Think, section 7, which describes an implementation using microfilm inspired by the trails of association in human thinking:

. . . at any time, when one of these items is in view, the other can be instantly recalled merely by tapping a button below the corresponding code space. Moreover, when numerous items have been thus joined together to form a trail, they can be reviewed in turn, rapidly or slowly . . . . It is exactly as though the physical items had been gathered together to form a new book. It is more than this, for any item can be joined into numerous trails.

How can the trail be made to start at (or from) the "parent page"?

That is the first trail markup should be visible on the "parent page". In the example below the next and prev pages should show as (arbitrarily) the first and last pages on the trail (excluding any loop entry).



This is a talk page for improving PmWiki.WikiTrails.

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